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Welcome To Little People's Educare!




Little People's Educare is a mid-sized, full service child care and learning center, located in the Owings Mills section of Baltimore County, that offers care for children aged 6-week infants to 12yrs old.  In business since 1991 as a family child care home, we have cared for and increased the learning capability of many little ones.




Little People's Educare has been established out of Ms. Dawn's sincere desire to help children in proper adjustment and development into our changing world.  There is a need for parents to feel assured that their children will be cared for in a safe environment, learning and interacting with other children their own age.




Our approach to learning is to develop the total child.  Our curriculum is designed to nurture the developing skills and interests of every child.  We focus on:

  • cognitive skills

  • music and rhythm

  • language and communications

  • emotional development

  • dramatic play

  • art

  • social skills

  • gross and fine motor skills


Early Learning


From the ages of newborn to 4yrs old, children are like little sponges. These are the years that are extremely influential to a child's development. It's never to early to cultivate a child's mind and prepare them for kindergarden.

Infants 6 Weeks - 12 Yrs Of Age


From newborn to almost ready for 1st years of school, Little People's Educare is ready and equipped to care for your little ray of sunshine!


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